Social Monkee Review | YouTube Video SEO Revealed

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Looking for an honest, unbiased review from a Social Monkee User? You have come to the right place.

Watch this short 10 minute video to discover just how easy it is to get over 150 do-follow high PR backlinks to your blog posts, web pages and videos for more traffic, leads and sales.
If you have been thinking that video marketing is on the rise you are absolutely correct. In the last couple of years the amount of searches on google that have ended via a YouTube video is rapidly becoming a common result. It is no secret that when done right you can get a YouTube video to rank on page one of google in a matter of hours.

A YouTube video is essentially an entire website and can be easily put together, optimized and put on line quickly with awesome results. If you need any help getting your product direct to video marketing success then try out Tube Traffic Mojo and you will be at the top in no time.

To rank on page one of google you must first have an excellent understanding of what keywords are being searched for research and have done your homework. The best possible guide to keyword research is the SEO Omega Guide and will go along way for your success. Another awesome tool to hone in on your keyword research is a product used by many pros called Market Samurai, this will save you countless hours and get great results right away.

Now that you have your keyword figured out, have produced a video the final key to the puzzle is to great backlinks. If you are new to SEO then you need to get clear fast that back links are the way to get your site to rank and this is where Social Monkee comes into play.

Social Monkee Review

There are four levels of membership available to assist you in getting powerful backlinks to your pages, videos and URL’s.

Social Monkee Silver — this is the starter level which gives you one URL a day with 25 backlinks. A one time lifetime fee of $7.00
Social Monkee Premium — a $47 one time upgrade which will triple your URL’s to 3 but to 100 banklinks. This means you go from 25 backlinks per day to 300! A drip feed to massage your backlinks up to a 14 day period is part of the upgrade.
Social Monkee Elite — a $57 one time upgrade which allows you to submit 3 URL’s per day to 150 backlinks. A total now of 450 per day or over 12,000 per month. With this plan you know have access to an automatic scheduler to put your backlinks on autopilot.
Social Monkee Ambassador — For $19.95 per month you now get to schedule up to 4 URL’s per day, to get 150 links per URL… In addition you get the huge bonus of an extra 25 high Page Rank links per URL!
The other bonus of Ambassador level is you get to earn credits manually or automatically syndicating people through the only wire network of social bookmark sites. It might take a few weeks to get some other social monkee members to auto syndicate with you but in no time at all you will have hundreds of social bookmarks to add to your rapidly growing network of back links.

Page One on Google is right around the corner for your YouTube Videos. Take the time right now to sign up for the basic plan. In the world of business $7 is nothing — what’s holding you back?