So what are we all about? The whole idea behind this website is simple: provide our visitors with online money making programs for free. We have used some of these programs ourselves, and still do, and some are just being passed on to our visitors here because they may be of interest to them. We do not charge a membership fee on this site, we believe that finding ways to make money online should not cost you a thing. The Internet is full of free information, it would be silly to try to charge someone for information that they could get elsewhere for free. The only thing that we have on our website that you may notice, on some of our pages, is an affiliate link. This affiliate link is being provided as a simple way of getting a small commision to help pay for the hosting fees & etc for this site, and it also helps to encourage us to continue providing more information to our site vistors here. No, you do not have to click on the link if you don’t want to, you may go to the main website itself and still seek & receive the program’s information without using our link. This is entirely up to you, we’re not trying to force our vistors here with any hidden or cloaked links, pop ups or exit pop ups.

Disclosure: As with any money making program that’s available online, your intial investment into the program may cost you a small (or large) fee. Please remember to think about what you’re investing into, and consider whether it’s the right program for you and your circumstances. We do not, and will not, post any affiliate links to any program that’s a known scam or ones that make any unbelievable claims. Please remember that we cannot control anything that’s being provided on another website, and we do not “boost” any website’s claims. And finally; as with any business investment, you may or may not make any money at all. Everyone’s marketing and/or business practices determines how well you will succeed or not.

*This site is still in beta development, the information & the videos being added are being adjusted and tested as they are posted.

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